Indonesian spices

In Indonesia it is very well known for the richness of spices. Spices are a part of the plant that is used in small amounts as a preservative or flavoring food because of its very strong aroma and taste. Lots of spices produced in Indonesia, including: Cilantro, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, galingale, ginger, nutmeg, onion, garlic, candlenut, cumin, cardamom, kalabet, cardamom, chili, bangle, acid kandis and tamarind, turmeric, curcuma. The ancestors from various regions in Indonesia were made unique concepts, from various other natural products. This herb turns into a traditional Indonesian drink that is good and good for the health of our body. Now comes the Naphyco product, which is a modern and hygienic packaging of spices, you do not need to cut and grate or boil spices. You can just tear the sachet pack, pour it into a cup, pour it with hot water and serve it. Enjoy a cup of spice from Indonesia


History of Naphyco

Our company was formed in 2004 in the West Java region with one-person professors, two veterinarians, one doctor and several production employees. Initially formed the company is a spice herb garden which aims as a medicinal plant, and conducts some research in the Bogor Agricultural University laboratory and then we transform into a company that produces Indonesian traditional drinks where the product comes from Indonesian spice herbs. Our goal of producing these products is to preserve Indonesian traditional products, introduce Indonesian products to the world and provide good benefits for consumers.


About & Why Naphyco

Na: Natural : bersifat alami/dari alam
Phy: Phytodrink & food: Produk minuman dan makanan yang bersumber dari tumbuhan
Co: woco (nama pemilik usaha)

Na: Natural: natural / from nature
Phy: Phytodrink & food: Beverage products and food sourced from plants
Co: woco (business owner name)

What’s so Special About Naphyco?
1. Based naturally

Berasal dari tanaman yang mengandung zat aktif dengan berbagai macam manfaat untuk kesehatan.

Derived from plants that contain active substances with various benefits for health.

2. For the natural good

Sesuatu yang alami pasti selalu lebih baik.

Produk kami tanpa perasa, pewarna, pengawet, dan kandungan kimia lainnya.

Something natural is always better.

No flavorings, dyes, preservatives, and other chemical content.


3. No Sugar

Kami juga menyediakan produk TANPA GULA (simplisia)

We also provide products WITHOUT SUGAR (simplicia)

4. Natural goodness

Ada kebaikan alami yang diperoleh dari alam.

There is a natural goodness gained from nature.

5. Certification

Sudah terdaftar halal dan Dinkes

Already registered halal and health office

6. Original and natural tastes

Produk kami memiliki sedikit ampas, untuk mempertahankan cita rasa asli dan alami.

Our products have little pulp, to maintain the original taste and natural.

7. Selective

Kami memilih dan mengambil bagian bermanfaat dari tanaman yang mengandung bahan aktif.

We choose and take a beneficial portion of the plant that contains the active ingredient

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